What an amazing few months it has been for NeX eCommerce Network!

What an amazing few months it has been for NeX eCommerce Network!

What an amazing few months it has been for NeX eCommerce Network! #OPENeX Europe 2023 was held and launched at NH Hotel on 22nd and 23rd October and based on the quality of delegates and attendees, we are extremely happy to announce it was a Hit! A truly exceptional gathering with over 100 global eCommerce supply chain and logistics experts, where next generation leaders connected with innovators around the globe to have solution-minded discussions.

A sincere thank you to our attendees, speakers, partners and sponsors who made this conference a stellar event.

NeX CEOJustus Klüver-Schlotfeldt stated in an interview with media partners IDX TV at the NeX Launch, ”What an incredible journey it has been!  We’re thrilled to recap the highlights of #openex2023, a ground-breaking event that brought together global industry leaders, innovators, and visionaries”.

Key Takeaway 1: Unprecedented C-Level Attendance 

One of the standout moments of our recent event was the remarkable presence of C-suite executives and entrepreneurs. In the landscape of our industry, we witnessed an unparalleled gathering of top-tier leadership. The energy and expertise they brought to the room were truly extraordinary, setting a new standard for our community.

Key Takeaway 2: Industry-Defining Discussions  

Our event delved into pivotal topics that are shaping our industry today. The extensive panel discussions on sustainability, the impact of AI on cross-border e-commerce, and the ongoing challenge of returns shed light on critical issues. By addressing these topics head-on, we reaffirmed our commitment to driving industry progress and providing valuable insights to our community.

Key Takeaway 3: Unprecedented Collaboration  

Our event broke barriers by fostering an extraordinary collaboration between diverse stakeholders. Governmental institutions, logistics companies, tech innovators, airlines, and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) came together under one roof. This unique blend of expertise and perspectives demonstrates our commitment to advancing the industry through collective efforts and innovative partnerships.

Our Achievements: 

Achievement: Tech Integration and New Partnerships

At our event, we made two remarkable strides forward. Firstly, we announced the integration of multiple tech vendors into our NEX HUB,  a significant leap in enhancing our technology infrastructure. Secondly, we celebrated the signing of additional member and vendorship agreements during and immediately after the event. These achievements signify our continuous commitment to innovation, growth,and fostering valuable partnerships within our industry.

What’s Nex 

Exciting Initiatives on the Horizon… stay tuned!

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