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Welcome to our Newest NeX Partners & Members-FloShip

Welcome to our Newest NeX Partners & Members-FloShip

Welcome to our Newest NeX Partners & Members!

As we embark and continue NeX network’s growth and innovation, it is with great excitement that we welcome and unveil FloShip.

Based in the bustling city of Hong Kong and established in 2015, FloShip excels in global eCommerce logistics and fulfilment solutions through an extensive circular supply chain ecosystem powered by intelligent technology that accelerates global business growth.

Why has NeX selected and chosen FloShip? By consolidating FloShip into the NeX hub, NeX Members are set to enhance their knowledge and insight in the global logistics landscape with innovative, technology-driven solutions optimise the entire shipping and logistics process for online retailers worldwide.  By seamlessly integrating various platforms such as shopping carts, marketplaces, ERPs, and carriers, Floship ensures swift and efficient deliveries to customers spanning over 190 countries.

FloShip leads the charge in global e-commerce logistics and fulfilment.

Join us welcoming in FloShip onboard and continue in shaping the future of eCommerce supply chain logistics together!

Thank you FloShip for joining as a valued member and partner of NeX eCommerce eCommerce

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