Welcome New Members Maitsa Customs Brokerage

Welcome New Members Maitsa Customs Brokerage

We are delighted to announce and welcome Maitsa Customs Brokerage as New NeX eCommerce Member

Why have NeX eCommerce selected and certified Maitsa as a new Member? In Maitsa, they are a licensed Customs Broker & Freight forwarder in Spain, with over 45 year of experience, that combines innovative software and know how; to offer the best customer service in customs brokerage and the international shipping of your goods.

Furthermore, Maitsa provides a web-based app that offers real time visibility of your Shipping & Customs formalities, and makes simple, what old fashioned companies would have us believe, that international transport and customs formalities are always slow, expensive, and complex. With our new member Maitsa, they offer uniform and compliant trade services, including: 1) import and export filing, 2) security filing, 3) duties and taxes, 4) in-transit movement, 5) permits and licensing, and 6) tariffs code and classification support.

Logistics through Innovation, Dedication and Technology!

Thank you Maitsa for joining as a valued member and vendor of #NeX eCommerce as a leading Spanish territory customs clearance solutions provider and experts for #NeX members.

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Let’s shape the future of eCommerce supply chain logistics together!

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