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Welcome New Members BeSTranspor

Welcome New Members BeSTranspor

NeX Announcement

We are delighted to announce and welcome Berkat Subuh Transpor (BeSTranspor) as New NeX eCommerce Member

From Indonesia, Berkat Subuh Transpor (BeSTranspor) redefines express delivery with their intermodal transportation expertise, seamlessly integrating rail, ship, and truck movements. They’re not just about speed; they aim to enhance security, minimize losses, and reduce the carbon footprint. They cater to a range of urgent delivery needs, even as unique as aircraft wreckage. Learn more by visiting Berkat Subuh Transpor.

Thank you BeSTranspor for joining as a member of #NeX eCommerce and Network as a leading transportation solution provider and advisor for #NeX members.

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