We are delighted to announce our InsureShip have joined the NeX eCommerce Network as our newest certified Members and Partners.

We are delighted to announce our InsureShip have joined the NeX eCommerce Network as our newest certified Members and Partners.

InsureShip offers unparalleled worldwide shipping insurance coverage for all major carriers, they’re the guardians of global trade. Protecting against loss, damage, or theft, including theft from the stoop. They’re not just an insurance provider; they’re your shipment’s safety net.

What sets InsureShip apart? It’s their cost-effective approach, offering real insurance at rates that outmatch traditional carrier coverage. Fully licensed agents and claim adjusters work tirelessly, guaranteeing professionalism and integrity under the watchful eyes of the Department of Insurance.

Choose InsureShip – the invisible, yet invincible shield in domestic and international trade. Experience shipping without the shadow of risk.

Regarding the Partnership with NeX

Our partnership with NeX marks the beginning of a new chapter for InsureShip, blending cutting-edge innovation with the complexities of shipping logistics. NeX brings a wealth of advanced technology to the table, crucial for mastering the intricacies of eCommerce logistics. This alliance is set to broaden InsureShip’s reach, opening doors to new markets through a strong global platform enriched by a network brimming with logistics knowledge.

We’re expecting that NeX will propel us forward with marked improvements in both efficiency and customer service. This partnership promises to provide us with state-of-the-art Omni-channel network applications and key strategic resources, poised to elevate our shipping insurance offerings and deliver a smooth, cohesive customer experience. NeX’s hub of innovation is the catalyst we need at InsureShip to set new benchmarks in shipping insurance, catering to the evolving demands of international trade.

What do you feel is the added value of NeX?

For InsureShip, NeX presents a strategic advantage by providing a specialized platform tailored for e-commerce logistics. Their focus on innovative IT solutions and a network of industry experts aligns with our commitment to delivering seamless shipping insurance services. By tapping into NeXs’ ecosystem, we gain access to a community that values long-term partnerships and a suite of tools designed to streamline our operations, ultimately enhancing our capacity to manage risk and offer competitive insurance products in the e-commerce space.

How do you expect NeX to make a difference in your business?

We have high expectations that NeX will catalyse a significant leap in efficiency and service delivery for InsureShip. The partnership is anticipated to equip us with sophisticated Omni-channel network applications and strategic tools that will enhance our shipping insurance services, creating a seamless, integrated, and customer-centric experience. With NeX’s ecosystem of innovation, InsureShip is poised to redefine the standards of shipping insurance, aligning with the contemporary needs of the global trade community.

What do you feel separates NeX from other Networks?

NeX stands out in the logistics landscape by integrating a specialized focus on e-commerce with a commitment to innovation, delivering tailored, advanced logistics solutions, with high-level executives. Their unique approach to fostering transparency and collaboration provides networks like InsureShip not just robust e-logistics tools but a platform for strategic growth. This ethos of partnership and progress is what sets NeX apart and solidifies its position as a transformative force in the industry.

What are you most looking forward to experiencing at the NeX OPENeX 2024 in Hong Kong?

We look forward to discovering how NeX’s approach to harnessing partnerships, technology, and transparent collaboration can scale e-commerce efficiency and sustainability. Each conference has historically set the stage for trailblazers to address the challenges of modern logistics and shape the supply chain’s future, and OPENeX 2024 promises to keep this tradition alive. The shared knowledge and expertise are not just about evolving business; it’s about progressing an entire industry towards a more connected and tech-forward future.

Strengthening Business Through Strategic Integration

Justus Klüver – Schlotfeldt, CEO at NeX eCommerce added, “We are excited to spotlight the integration of InsureShip into the NeX eCommerce Network & Hub—a transformative step that exemplifies our commitment to providing exceptional value to our members. By consolidating into the NeX hub, our members can exclusively leverage the combined volume and buying power, enabling access to competitively low flat-rate pricing for parcel insurance, globally. This integration not only simplifies the shipping insurance process but also ensures that NeX members enjoy substantial savings and efficiency. The collective strength of the NeX hub means individual members can achieve far more together than they could alone, making NeX the preferred choice for enhancing eCommerce operations and reducing overhead costs.”

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