The NeX Era: Unveiling the Future of eComm Global Logistics

The NeX Era: Unveiling the Future of eComm Global Logistics

As we continue to build on our recent successes and learnings from past events, February events were set to be even more exciting and impactful for our organization. Here’s a glimpse into US and South America business trip:

TIACA Latin America Event

We were thrilled to announce our participation in The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) in Latin America. This prestigious gathering is a cornerstone for air cargo professionals, and our involvement signifies our commitment to enhancing air cargo logistics and networking with industry leaders as well as giving an insight of the influence of cross-border e-Commerce. Our CEO, Justus Klüver – Schlotfeldt joined the infamous Fireside Chat at the conference with Glyn Hughes, Director General at TIACA.

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Intermodal Expo

Our team also geared up for the Intermodal Expo, an essential event for the intermodal supply chain sector. We thoroughly enjoyed showcasing our solutions and engaging in discussions about the future of e-Commerce on the intermodal transportation.


Justus Klüver – Schlotfeldt

“It was good to catch up with our members, friends and industry leaders at Intermodal Expo. In summary, the event needs an influence of e-commerce. Everybody speaks about it but then on the second largest logistics event in the world, there was only 3 express companies exhibiting, not a single fulfilment company and neither advanced tech. So if the freight forwarders and the airlines all talk about it, it’s time to bring it to them.

Most enjoyable to be invited to the Fire Side conversation with Glyn Hughes, Secretary General of TIACA, as it showed the great interest for e-commerce, which is a key driver for their capacity planning and scale for the future.”

Neutral Air Partner (NAP) 8th GSM in Rio de Janeiro

Our journey with NeX in South America continued with our active participation in the NAP Conference held in Rio as part of the NAP 8th GSM #OPENAP24RIO Americas event. Justus Klüver – Schlotfeldt hit the main stage and during the session, Justus engaged in insightful discussions and shared his expertise on the topic of ‘Building the right eCommerce logistics ecosystem’, while also providing valuable updates on key industry developments.


This fantastic and prestigious event was a great opportunity for us to connect with our partners in Latin America and discuss advancements in logistics and cross-border e-Commerce. Being the leading conference for Air Cargo professionals in the region, it is a must attend for our local members.

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