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Justus Klüver – Schlotfeldt

Justus joined as CEO of NeX Limited to launch the Nex Network. This is a strategic partnership that brings together a collective of industry-leading logistics providers committed to delivering flawless omni-channel fulfilment operations, cross-border transportation, distribution, return logistics, and end-to-end e-supply chain management,” said an official release from NeX.

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Jason Li

As Global Head of Sales & Business, Jason is dedicated to driving NeX Network to new heights of success. With a focus on innovation, customer-centricity, and strategic collaboration, he aims to propel the company into new markets, solidify existing partnerships, and ensure that NeX Network remains at the forefront and ‘Best in Class’ of the industry.

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Keisi Gkika


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Tereta Hui

Marketing & Digital Coordinator

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Amy Zhu

Head of Marketing

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Christos Spyrou

Christos comes with experience from 4 continents 8 nations and over 30 years within the global air cargo logistics and freight forwarding industry. During his professional journey he was exposed to many different markets and cultures of conducting airfreight business.

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Rudee Bertie

Rudee Bertie is a specialist in the customs and import/export industry. He has spent his entire career within this sector, founding Customs Clearance Ltd (CCL) in 1999 and spearheading the company through 23 years of development, expansion and innovation.

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Boris Bartula

Boris comes with over 20 years’ experience in graphic and web design in various industries, and over 10 years’ in air, rail and road freight combined. Boris is specialized in web design UI/UX design and holds Masters degree in Graphical engineering and design.

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Jelena Babic

With almost twenty years of experience in sales and business development across Europe and the Middle East, Jelena is highly experienced and skilled in the field of logistics. Her journey started with a passion for sports, earning her a bachelor’s degree in sport science from a top international university.

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Sheragime Keshavarzian

A confident, tenacious, kind, consultative and well-rounded senior level professional with a proven track record of first class B2B and B2C sales, strategic marketing and business development experience within Film, Education, FMCG, Entertainment and Retail sectors.

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Muriel Zographos

Muriel holds a BSc (Hons) in Business Administration with a degree in Marketing Management.

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