Launch of the ‘Best in Class’ eCommerce conference

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Dear NeX eCommerce Community,

The NeX eCommerce OPENeX 2023 Launch event was held at the NH Hotel in beautiful and central Amsterdam. The Barbizon venue itself was beautiful, not your usual chain hotels used for global conferences. The Barbizon was built in 1618, centrally located, within easy walking distance of Central Station and the 19 traditional canal streets and houses, making this location an ideal setting for the NeX launch: stylish, full of substance and charm.

As for OPENeX 2023, well is a truly exceptional and forgettable gathering with over 100 global eCommerce supply chain and logistics global experts, and next generation leaders connected with innovators met to have solution-minded discussions and shape the future of eCommerce. A huge success a two days filled with cutting-edge leadership insights; interactive sessions, working together to develop networking and solution opportunities.

For those who were part of the event, we hope you had a fantastic time, embraced the networking possibilities, and for those who couldn’t join us, we’re here to provide you with a top line recap of the key highlights, to share what was missed.

NeX Welcome Delegates

Founder & Advisor board meeting:

We witnessed an unparalleled gathering that brought together a remarkable presence of C-suite executives, leaders, entrepreneurs who form the founding NeX members.

In this two hour in-depth and relaxed workshop session, we witnessed an unparalleled top-tier leadership discussion framing the future and roadmap of NeX products, services and collaborations need to shape the future of eCommerce. The energy and expertise they brought to the room were truly extraordinary, setting a new standard for our community.

Dinner Welcome Drinks

It was a great opportunity to continue discussions, forge new connections, and unwind in a convivial atmosphere with IDX team and host Nadia Dunn capturing some key conversations and feedback from the first day.

We all came together for a delightful welcome drinks and dinner to celebrate the gathering of global ecommerce leaders.


Welcome Speech – NeX Launch Hosted by Justus Kluver-Schlotfeldt CEO of NeX Network

Dedicated by highlighting the commitment to driving industry progress and providing Value add insights to our community and audience by ensuring that the NeX Network and membership, including NeX Academy training and resources are tailored to each and every member to face head on the unique challenges and by fostering an extraordinary collaboration of unparalleled group of experts, talent and stakeholders ready to break borders and paint points within the eCommerce logistics ecosystem – day’s tone and agenda was set with positivity and to shape the future!

Eco-Commerce Logistics: Pioneering Sustainability in the Supply Chain

Industry expert speakers Celine Hourcade, co-founder and MD, Change Horizon, Graham Major-EX, Director of Green Business & emobility, Sennder Technologies, Robert Pothoven, BD Lead Sustainable e-Commerce, Southpole, Majed Zambaraji, Founder & CEO, Shypv joined by IDX very own, Nadia Dunn. Top tier selected panel highlighted the need for a green revolution in e-commerce logistics as companies are actively embracing eco-friendly practices, from reducing plastic packaging to investing in electric delivery vehicles.

The message was clear: sustainability isn't just a trend; it's a business necessity not a choice.
Update on NeX HUB IT

Kicking off the event, Neo Kong, NeX CTO and Jason Li, Global Head of Business Development of NeX unveiled exciting updates on NeX HUB features; NeX innovative all-in-one cloud-based software suite redefining cross-border forwarding and e-commerce logistics platform designed to streamline e-commerce operations. It promises to be a game-changer, offering advanced tools and capabilities to enhance your e-commerce business. It includes customs declaration, warehouse management, quoting, shipping, import tax automation, and more. With a wide range of API options, NEX Hub securely centralises NeX members operations, streamlining sales, staff, accounting, and warehouse management in a single platform. Stay tuned for more details and the official release.

Presentation: Sustainability Impact on Modern Supply Chain

Sustainability isn’t just an option; it’s an essential part of the modern supply chain, and the morning sessions kicked off in full power with Graham Major-Ex, Director of Green Business & Emobility Sennder Technologies. Grahams’ unique presentation explored the profound impact of sustainability on customer expectations, and how businesses can adapt and thrive in this eco-conscious era with technology.


Networking Lunch: With IDX TV

NeX were delighted to have IDX TV as the Official Media Partner. Besides being the only exciting and vibrant video and voice in the eCommerce industry, IDX team and Nadia Dunn were on hand helping to identify valuable market insights, and showcase NeX members and delegates with exciting updates, conversations and insights live from inside the OPENeX 2023 event!

IDX and their hard-working knowledgeable team, not only bring a great vibe, also add great value in raising the level of awareness on this vital part of supply chains content and insights that are invaluable to NeX members and the industry.

Master Class: How to Build a Robust Returns Logistics Franchise

Returns logistics can be a challenging area, but our masterclass by Mourad Aoun CEO of The Net Global, provided invaluable insights. Mourad shared data, strategies for crafting efficient returns processes, emphasizing clear return policies and customer-centric approaches. The takeaway: turning returns into opportunities for building customer loyalty is key, practically in the middle east, Far East and Europe.


Panel: Navigating the e-Commerce Returns & Reuse Possibilities

Our expert panel featured Rich Bulger, CEO, Recirq, Beth Chapman, MD, Starlinks Global, Bianca Knerr, Advisor RLA and Mourad Aoun, CEO of The NET Global moderated by Nadia Dunn. The conversation delved into the opportunities and challenges within returns and reuse possibilities. The discussion ranged from reducing returns through accurate product descriptions to exploring recycling, being resilient, repurposing, and reselling returned items. The consensus was that NeX members have some experts to guide and assist with this untapped potential in this growth area.

Masterclass: Use Case Demonstration – Influence of AI on Modern Trade Compliance and e-Commerce Cross Border

Panel of experts included Martyn Noble, CEO & Founder, Hurricane Commerce, Kevin Barrett, UK Country Manager, Ibundle moderated by veteran ecommerce expert Mirja Nissen ATEM Advisor and Supply Chain Stage. AI is transforming the e-commerce landscape, and our masterclass showcased real-world and the use cases of how AI is influencing international ecommerce cross border trade compliance.

Very interesting to see how the Freight forwarding industry expert audience gained practical insights into how to leverage their pain points and scale up by using AI and understand how accurate automation of customs processes of pre calculation of duty taxes by removing expensive manual processes, enabling lightning speed, accuracy, and scalability to add value to members and stay competitive in the global marketplace.

NeX Launch 8

Panel: AI at the Crossroads of Customs & Trade Compliance: Transforming Modern Practices

Martyn Noble CEO Founder, Hurricane Commerce, Damon Baca From Crossborderit, Ian Crauwels from AEB, Ivan Tintore Subirana of Clearcust and IDX host Nadia Dunn moderated a very now discussion.

AI was once again in the spotlight during the event, and in this session, the panel explored the significant impact of AI on trade compliance and customs, and transforming modern practices and how to stay ahead in a AI-driven eCommerce logistics landscape; making them more efficient and error-free.

Panel: Eco-Commerce Logistics: Pioneering Sustainability Supply Chain

Guest influential speakers Celine Hourcade, co-founder and MD, Change Horizon. Graham Major-EX, Director of Green Business & emobility, Sennder Technologies, Robert Pothoven, BD Lead Sustainable e-Commerce, Southpole and Majed Zambaraji, Founder & CEO, ShypV all joined moderator Nadia Dunn.

Again, sustainability was at the forefront of discussions with insights and strategies from the experts on how to lead the way in environmental excellence and what this means for the future of your business. Trust us, it’s a conversation you did not want to miss as is a path to the future for next generations to come!

Champagne Round Table

NeX Launch Networking

Summary and Next Steps

The NeX eCommerce Launch event was a resounding success, thanks to the participation and enthusiasm of our community. As we look forward, keep an eye out for more events, webinars, and updates, including the official release of NeX HUB IT. We’re excited to continue this journey with you and to explore the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce.

A heartfelt thank you to all the attendees, speakers, partners, and sponsors for being an integral part of the NeX eCommerce Launch and made this conference a stellar event.

What’s Nex? Do join the NeX Community and be part of the movement that will shape the future of eCommerce!

See you NeX time in 2024