16 – 18 Sept 2024 | Hong Kong


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Justus Klüver – Schlotfeldt

CEO of NeX

Dear Friends and Partners,

As the vibrant city of Hong Kong prepares to host the annual OpeNex 2024 meeting this September, we are thrilled to extend our warmest welcome to a distinguished assembly of leaders and innovators. This year, OpeNex stands as a beacon for professionals across vital sectors — from cutting-edge technology and retail to dynamic cross-border e-commerce, forward-thinking fintech, comprehensive logistics solutions, and the pivotal airline industry.

Your participation underscores the collaborative spirit that drives global e-Commerce forward.

OpeNex 2024 is designed to be a crucible of innovation and insight, featuring an array of carefully curated panels that delve into the core issues and opportunities within our focal industries. These discussions are not just panels but platforms for pioneering thought, led by some of the brightest minds in our fields. Alongside these, our master classes promise an immersive learning experience, offering deep dives into specific challenges and advancements shaping our world.

Central to the OpeNex ethos is the power of connection. Thus, we take great pride in facilitating pre-matched 1:1 meetings, ensuring that every participant finds meaningful engagements, forging partnerships that transcend boundaries and catalyze growth. We believe that the future of global e-Commerce lies in our ability to collaborate and innovate together.

As we gear up for what promises to be an unparalleled convergence of expertise and ambition, we invite you to prepare for a gathering that will not only highlight emerging trends but also pave the way for new ones. Whether you are looking to share your insights, expand your network, or discover the next big thing, OpeNex 2024 is where your journey begins.

We look forward to welcoming you to Hong Kong for a meeting that promises to be as dynamic and diverse as the sectors we represent. Together, let’s shape the future of global commerce.

See you in Hong Kong for OpeNex 2024.

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