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Meet our sponsors

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Bridges is a leading provider of neutral network solutions to the international logistics, ecommerce, courier and express industry. The Bridges group of companies, together with our strategic partners and associates, is currently responsible for a combined network uplift of well over 25,000 tonnes per annum.

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Linear Express is a new generation Express company that aims to increase exports as well as facilitate international delivery, with its new generation end-to-end delivery approach, solutions that integrate all processes in the e-commerce ecosystem from order management to marketplace integrations thanks to its strong technological infrastructure.


We are experienced since more than 10 years in digital express freight and eCommerce solutions. Our main focus is on any freight services globally, always based on electronical integrations. 24/7 reachable and led by automated system we thrive to offer highest quality logistics solutions.
Our team full of experts from different fields has been working together for several years and is perfectly tuned in to our daily operations.


In 1994, The Net Holding, a Lebanon-based express courier company launched a small scale operation setting out to cover the Lebanese market. 25 years later, it grew into a regional powerhouse representing multinational networks of specialized express and logistics companies covering the entire supply chain across various sectors and industries in the Middle East.

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Bob’s foremost commitment lies in fostering job creation. We extend asset finance solutions across emerging markets, igniting the latent potential within individuals. Bob dares to challenge the prevailing norms, offering an effortless pathway for underserved populations to acquire a Bob motorcycle, thereby establishing a stable source of income and enabling them to savor life to its fullest. Our guiding principle: Access equals opportunity!

Freightways Global

Freightways is an ASX and NZX lised company with a family of brands in Australia and New Zealand, including express package, business mail, temperature control, information management and waste renewal.  Our flagship brand New Zealand Couriers and cross border customs clearance capabilities via Freightways Global, enable us to provide cross border and last mile deliveries.


Haulystic moves global freight by air, road, sea, warehousing, and perform customs clearance with comprehensive final mile delivery options for the world’s leading brands. We combine powerful disruptive technology and dedicated subject experts to give you accountability, peace of mind, control and pipeline visibility over your supply chain.

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Success in cross-border eCommerce is made or broken by the quality of your data. Hurricane’s world-leading AI-enhanced solutions enable our customers to achieve smooth customs clearance, provide accurate in-cart duty and tax visibility and avoid delays and fines for customs non-compliance.

ng terminal

We tailor our services for Multi-Modal Import & Export, E-commerce Logistics, Excisable goods, B2B/B2C/C2C consignments, Reverse Logistics, and more. Powered by MyNGT,  the cutting-edge system for scalable integrations, our customers can access their customer portal for 24X7 visibility of their shipments. API options are also available for plug & play. NG-Terminal is AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) approved by UK HM& Customs.


In ATEM, we offer a one-stop platform of experts that offer bespoke, commercial and strategic consultancy across the supply chain ecosystem.We do this by embedding the Groups growing pool of high-skilled independent experts, and the process of matchmaking evolves within project evaluation and executions stage. With this methodology and improvement implementations, Atem Group team of neutral experienced and forward-thinking consultants drive immediate impact and accelerate sustainable operational change.

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Exelot is a dedicated logistics provider to the eCommerce sector with innovative technological solutions to support and enable the growth of your business. Our cross-border delivery and returns services are built on a proprietary digital platform which combines tracked post and express transport for an industry defining hybrid delivery solution, that is faster than traditional mail services and more cost effective than dedicated express carrier options.


Neutral Air Partner was founded by a group of air cargo entrepreneurs and consultants, sharing the common goal of creating an innovative platform of air cargo specialists to service the logistics and aviation community. It aims to build competitive advantages through tailor-made air cargo community tools, and by setting new standards of excellence for the air cargo business.

one world

One World Express champions a collaborative brokerage platform, fostering partnerships worldwide to innovate shipping solutions. Through shared access to extensive postal and delivery networks, we unlock B2C delivery modes globally. Our transparent platform leverages existing contracts to streamline last-mile delivery, offering clients and partners access to over 10,000 competitive tariffs.