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Introducing NEX Hub

Unveiling the Future of Logistics Ecosystem


Unleash Global Potential with NEX Hub (Powered by TerminalX): Your Cloud-Based Linchpin for Streamlining Cross-Border E-Commerce Logistics — From Suppliers to Customs, Transport, Warehousing, Last Mile and Beyond.

What is NeX Hub

NEX Hub is an all-in-one cloud-based software suite redefining cross-border forwarding and e-commerce logistics. It includes customs declaration, warehouse management, quoting, shipping, import tax automation, and more.

With a wide range of API options, NEX Hub securely centralises your operations, streamlining sales, accounting, and warehouse management in a single platform.

How is it unique?

  • Comprehensive solutions:
  • NeX Hub offers an all-encompassing suite, ensuring every aspect of e-commerce logistics is covered
  • Centralised operations: with a wide range of API options, NeX Hub centralises member operations securely, simplifying sales, staff, accounting, and warehouse management in one platform
  • Innovation in action: NeX Hub promises to elevate your e-commerce business with industry-leading innovation and capabilities

Feature highlights


Customs Declaration

End-to-end integration for Customs Data Submission / Compliance assistance / Transparent Audit Records


Multi-modal Shipping

Various carrier options / Quote and Book / Speed-light API integration



Due Diligence / Tariff Editor / Credit Control / Notification Tool



Import Tax Collection / POA Confirmation / Document Digitalisation



Billing/Budgeting / Cost Approval / Data Exchange with 3rd party accounting software for local tax submission



Smart Task Workflows / General and Customs Controlled Warehousing / Android Powered App supporting Inbound, outbound, location and returns/Highly configurable


Employee Portal

Gateway customs operations
Warehouse management
Accounting Center
KPI data visualisation

Customer Portal

Billing and Payment
Track & Trace
Multi-modal Shipping
Quote & Booking
Issue Alert
24x7 Cloud Access & API

Vendor Portal

Project Management
Warehouse & Transport Cooperation
KPI Monitoring


Online Payment
Issuing Power of Attorney
Submitting Documents

Android App


Warehouse Management

Android-based solution designed to optimise warehouse and transport management across multi-site operations. Leveraging real-time tracking and seamless coordination features, the app simplifies complex logistical challenges to enhance operational efficiency.


Gateway Transport

The Gateway Transport feature meticulously records a driver’s journey from dispatch to completion between the airport, sea ports and operating warehouse. Document management, scanning, and tracking are effortlessly executed with intuitive interactions

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Looking into the future

NEX Hub is at the forefront of logistics, embracing AI to lead the digital era. We invite all industry partners to join us. With AI, we revolutionist logistics, champion sustainability, and set new standards. Join us on the path to a digitised future.
Expanding Partner Network
Open invitation to logistics companies, tech providers and vendors to join our ecosystem
Fostering cross-industry partnerships that benefit everyone
Embracing AI-Powered Transformation
Harnessing the potential of AI to revolutionise logistics
Invest in R&D to enhance the technological foundation of NEX Hub
Prioritise improvements in operational processes, scalability and seamless integration
Advocate Environmental Sustainability
Leading industry-wide efforts for sustainable, efficient, and transparent logistics
Advocating for eco-friendly practices and ethical supply chain operations
Establishing new industry benchmarks and driving standards

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