Interview with with Justus Klüver -Schlotfeldt, NeX CEO and Rudee Bertie, Chairman and Founder of NeX

Interview with with Justus Klüver -Schlotfeldt, NeX CEO and Rudee Bertie, Chairman and Founder of NeX

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Neutral eCommerce Express#NeX  is here to revolutionise the way you connect, collaborate, and grow within the e-commerce supply chain logistics industry.

Powered by Neutral Air Partner and ATEM Group NeX is an international group of experts and consultants, and offers a global platform for engagement with eCommerce logistics professionals and trade suppliers. We are passionate about business excellence and delivering higher levels of sophistication to stay relevant in the rapidly evolving eCommerce supply chain industry.  

At NeX, we understand the power of a strong professional community. That’s why we’ve created a dynamic ecosystem that fosters growth, innovation, and success. Our mission is to provide a global platform to engage with e-commerce logistics professionals and suppliers to the trade, sharing a passion for business excellence and being committed to delivering higher levels of sophistication.  

Media and marketing partners of IDX team sat down with Justus Klüver-Schlotfeldt NeX CEO and Rudee Bertie, Chairman and Founder of NeX to discuss ‘What is NeX’?  

Justus shares ‘’With our end-to-end eCommerce logistics management ecosystem, we provide a one-stop platform to streamline your logistics processes and offer strategic tools and services designed specifically for e-commerce supply chain professionals. Through partnerships, knowledge sharing, and leveraging cutting-edge tools, NeX empowers leading supply chain providers to scale their eCommerce capacity seamlessly, efficiently, profitably, and sustainably’’. 

Rudee also highlights, “The approach and execution must be a win/win situation for all members involved from the freight forwarder/3pl – the customs broker – the airline Carriers – the final mile enablers – the tax and legal representatives – the technologists. We want to bring in the value add, bring that experience to life and all built by design to connect the dots’’. 

NeX Summary 

Unparalleled Connectivity: Connect with the industry’s most influential group of independent, neutral specialists from around the world. Expand your network and tap into a wealth of knowledge and opportunities that were previously inaccessible.

Tailored Collaboration: Discover countless partnerships, projects, and collaborations based on your specific interests and goals with like-minded-companies and e-commerce experts.

Global Reach: Break down geographical barriers and tap into a global network of professionals and innovators. Expand your reach, gain international exposure, and explore new markets and opportunities beyond borders.

What’s NeX?  To discover for your self the full range of benefits that NeX can offer and be part of the new eCommerce revolution. Can do this by simply requesting an invitation for the NeX main Launch and join us as we celebrate the future of e-commerce supply chain logistics with the industry’s most influential players on 22nd – 23rd of October 2023 at NH Hotel Group Collection Amsterdam Barbizon Palace. 

To learn more, visit our Plus, if you’d like to get in touch, feel free to reach out to us at Our dedicated team is ready to assist you and provide the support you need.

NeX, powered by Neutral Air Partner and ATEM Group.  

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