Global Presence and Industry Engagement: A Look Back at February’s Highlights

Global Presence and Industry Engagement: A Look Back at February’s Highlights

This February was a bustling month for us, marked by our active participation in several key industry events across the globe. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and networking with professionals is reflected in our presence at these notable gatherings.

RLA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas

We had the pleasure of exhibiting at the 20th Annual Reverse Logistics Association Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, a premier event dedicated to the reverse logistics, circular economy and returns management sector. Our team showcased innovative solutions that are set to redefine how businesses approach reverse logistics, emphasizing sustainability and efficiency.

NeX were also delighted to announce that Rudee Bertie, Chairman of NeX eCommerce, served as a Pitch Competition Judge for the RLA Start-Up Competition. Finally, NeX were the proud to sponsor the 5th Raffle Drawing, and Head of Global BD, Jason Li contributed to presenting the award to the lucky raffle winner!


The Manifest in Las Vegas

Shortly after, we took part in The Manifest, a ground-breaking event that brings together visionaries and innovators from the logistics and supply chain sectors. Our participation allowed us to share insights, explore futuristic technologies, and connect with like-minded professionals aiming to transform the logistics landscape.

Retail Supply Chain & Logistics Expo (RSCL) in London

Expanding our horizons, we also made our mark at the RSCL in London, an event celebrated for its focus on the future of retail logistics. Here, we engaged in discussions about the challenges and opportunities in retail logistics, showcasing our cutting-edge solutions designed to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Stay tuned for exclusive NeX member filmed interviews, captured by IDX at RSCL! These insightful conversations will be available soon, providing a unique glimpse into the perspectives and experiences of our members and future event collaborations.

NeX Member – One World Express

Here is a recent recap from our NeX Members and partners, One World Express.

“We’re filled with gratitude for everyone who joined us, making the event unforgettable. Partnering with NeX eCommerce was a highlight, opening doors to exceptional networking, sharing cutting-edge trends, innovations, and engaging in forward-thinking discussions. This marks just the beginning of our journey. Together, we’re set for a transformative year, pushing the boundaries of the industry.”

NeX Member – MyCargoGate

It was an incredible experience to showcase our solutions alongside the best in the industry at the NeX eCommerce booth. The atmosphere was electric, filled with energy, enthusiasm, and a shared commitment to finding solutions. Listening to the challenges faced by retailers, both big and small, and collaborating on innovative solutions reaffirmed the value of networking and sharing experiences.


A special shoutout to NeX eCommerce for providing the perfect platform for meaningful connections. MyCargoGate and I are already counting down the days until our next opportunity to meet, converse, and collaborate. Here’s to forging new partnerships and driving success together!

These events were not just platforms for us to exhibit but also invaluable opportunities to glean insights, foster partnerships, and identify trends that will shape the future of our industry. We are excited about the possibilities these engagements have unlocked and look forward to continuing our journey towards innovation and excellence.

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