What’s NeX?

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NeX is an international group of experts, that advances the interests of the e-commerce supply chain logistics industry.



To be the leading ecosystem of experts offering innovative eCommerce logistics solutions to the supply chain. By harnessing partnerships, knowledge, and tools, empowering leading supply chain providers to scale eCommerce capacity seamlessly, efficiently, profitably, and sustainably.


To offer NeX members the logistics strategies and solutions to stay relevant and excel in the e-commerce supply chain industry.
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NeX offers innovative visual IT and platforms that will power and augment your business.

If your business relies on smooth supply chain logistics services for courier & mail, airfreight, shipping, or trucking e-commerce, you are encouraged to explore partnership and membership options with the industry’s most influential group of independent, neutral specialists.

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E-Commerce Interview collection

E-Commerce Interview collection

APG Solutions with IDX TV

At APG since day one, Laetiti Arfi, Global Sales & Marketing Director of APG eCommerce Solutions joins IDX TV to talk APG’s secret to achieving global success, why the North American market differs in terms of cross border volumes, and how the company’s high-performance tech is able to deliver end-to-end performance visibility worldwide.

Soft Lunch Interview collection

NeX Co-Founder & Chairman Rudee Bertie

Rudee Bertie, Co-Founder and Chairman of NeX, shares insights into the company’s Soft Launch at #OPENAP2023, he shared his opinions of the future of eCommerce and supply chain logistics. 

Discover how NeX aims to revolutionise the industry through collaboration and partnerships, bringing together experts and creating an ecosystem of the best. 

Learn about the challenges posed by recent industry changes like Brexit and how NeX navigates them with innovative technology solutions. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore what’s next for NeX and the evolving world of eCommerce.




Group 430
Connect members with global supply chain next-gen leaders & innovators
Group 431
Develop revolutionary eCommerce logistics solutions
Group 434
Leverage technology to improve efficiency and scalability
Group 433
Create an ecosystem of collaborative partnerships
Group 437
Foster an environment of neutrality, transparency, and trust

The prospect on meeting so many pioneers of the industry was a big factor to tap into and network with these guys, especially coming from South Africa, we don’t always get that type of involvement.

Innovative NeX ecommerce is consistently pushing the boundaries and with different parties within the chain. Everything from supplier, to the retailer to the actual end user, NeX is the connector of the whole ecosystem.

ATRAX Logistics
ATRAX Logistics

NeX represents the future of the ecommerce industry.  There is certainly a gap between general forwarding and ecommerce logistics, and this is where I NeX will bridge this gap.

Whether you like it or not, tech and artificial intelligence will be adopted in some areas. Time to learn it, embrace and get ready.

NG Terminal
NG Terminal

A combination of global logistics coming together to create something which is totally unique. It has not been done before; a collaboration between ecommerce partners to create something innovative and truly groundbreaking of customs brokers, carriers and whole ecommerce logistics ecosystem to move into the next generation of ecommerce.

Ship Cycle
Ship Cycle

What made you choose NeX?
The first attraction and alert came to us through being a sub-organization of the NAP network.
We have been one of the founding partners of NAP network and have been active since the beginning which made us interested in the new platform.
I have also joined the soft launch meeting at Athens and after having discussed with the NEX management and potential founding partners,
I am fully convinced and excited to be a part of this excellent opportunity.


Nex connects global experts in the e-commerce supply chain industry on C-level. Focussing on just e-commerce supply chains and direct communication with experienced members with focus on long term partnerships.

It’s the quality of the members In this field that makes the difference from the other networks that most of the time just add e-commerce to a forwarding network or other topics.

Van Der Helm
Van Der Helm